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Pastor and Sis Torres

In 2012 Pastor Steve and Jennifer Torres moved to the city of Washougal, Wa. They begin reaching out to their community with a burden for souls in the Washougal and Camas area. As they begin building their small Bible study group in their home, Steve felt a deeper burden to find a location and begin a work for God. It was during this time where Steve and Jennifer Torres was led by God to rent the building where Eastgate Pentecostal Church of Camas remains.

Steve and his wife Jennifer have dedicated their time in the Washougal/Camas community for the purpose of sharing their life experiences and how Jesus has transformed their lives.

After Steve started renting the faith missionary location, Steve begin pursuing his ministerial credentials. Steve has received his local minister's license, his general minister's license, and he is now an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church International. As the senior Pastor, Pastor Torres is continuing his lifelong education in theology as he continues to reach his surrounding community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What begin with only a calling in 2001 has become a continuous fulfillment of God's ultimate calling for Pastor Steve and Jennifer Torres and the Camas/Washougal community.

Pastor Steve Torres

In an ever increasing world of uncertainty, our world needs a place where our families can learn the important principles of life. The word of God is the greatest teacher and the church is where lives are altered. Our community of Camas and Washougal needs a place where this is possible, the eastgate pentecostal church is that place. Come and be part of something great, your family is worth it, and so are you.
- Pastor Steve Torres
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