In an ever increasing world of uncertainty, our world needs a place where our families can learn the important principles of life. The word of God is the greatest teacher and the church is where lives are altered. Our community of Camas and Washougal needs a place where this is possible, the eastgate pentecostal church is that place. Come and be part of something great, your family is worth it, and so are you. - Pastor Steve Torres

Kid's Ministry

We believe that the greatest gift to humanity is our children. Jesus said suffer not the little children to come, because he knew that the greatest investment is investing into the live of the future church. The EastGate Pentecostal Church holds this truth to the highest of priorities. We believe in teaching the next generation the values of truth that will carry them through life.

Marriage Preparation

God's word is filled with the secrets that will create a balance in your marriage and relationships. Learning the lessons of trust, forgiveness, and love is the center of joy, and happiness as you seek God's favor and blessing together.

Music Ministry

Come experience the presence of God in song and worship. Let's create an atmosphere where people of all nationalities can feel the spirit of the living God as our music team ushers in the God of the bible. 

Pastoral Support
Bible Studies

EastGate Pentecostal Church is committed to teaching the Word of God. The apostolic truth of one God, One faith, and one baptism is the foundation of salvation and truth. Let's study the Word together and glean from this awesome testament.